The state of Maine has opted out of the national affordable health care coverage program and created its own affordable health care coverage system. Using the website, called, to enroll is a disastrous proposition. In my opinion, what is worse is that there is absolutely no knowledgeable help available to correct any incorrect information that is auto-populated by their system.

In my experience, customer service representatives are untrained individuals, working out of their homes, without supervision. They find it necessary to email supervisors while you are on the phone with them to get answers to the most basic questions. Most of the time, the answers don’t come. And these representatives for a Maine health care coverage system are not located in the state of Maine.

Additionally, if you call the medical insurance company in Maine with the hope of their being able to correct inaccurate applicant information, you are told there’s nothing they can do – they have to use the information given to them by

I am sure there will be many people who want health care coverage who won’t be able to get it, simply because they won’t be able to navigate this new, woefully inadequate system. It is a shameful situation.

Susan Bisbing

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