Democrats rush to expand failed big government in approving President Biden’s Build Back Better bill, instead of doing diligent work to fix the many failures in the U.S. government, such as:

• A Transportation Security Administration with an 80 percent, or higher, failure rate in detecting tests of potential weapons smuggled through the system.

• A National Security Agency that Edward Snowden has proven to illegally spy on U.S. citizens.

• A politicized Internal Revenue Service whose then-director, Lois Lerner, was held in contempt over testimony on how she targeted her administration’s opposition political party.

• A federal attorney general who directs the FBI to target citizens who protest their local school boards.

These are recent events, but look back further at the failed War on Poverty, the War on Drugs and other big federal initiatives, including Social Security and Medicare, whose trust funds are both scheduled to run out of money in the next 12 years, Forbes’ Graison Dangor has reported.

Hopefully Sen. Angus King will not fall victim to big government hubris and will stop the rush to expand government that makes us poorer by misallocating economic resources; discriminates against us by issuing massive regulations that only the rich can navigate, and divides us with numerous mandates that inflame one over the other while doling out favors to some, causing displeasure among those who feel “left out.”

Timothy Michalak
Cumberland Center

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