There is a psychological concept called “projection,” which is when people attribute to others emotions or traits they have themselves, such as accusing others of lying when they themselves are the ones who lie.

Narcissists, like Donald Trump, always project the bad things that they do on to others, accusing them of doing what they are, in fact, doing themselves. Thus, Trump labels news that is critical of him as fake news when it is his claims that are fake.

Following Trump, Republicans have become masters of the practice. Just as Trump accused Democrats of stealing the election while he cajoled the Georgia secretary of state to locate the votes he needs to win the state, Republican legislators echo his claims while passing laws that will enable them to steal the next election by subverting the management of elections and suppressing opposition votes.

Or they accuse Democrats of pressuring Ukraine to investigate Trump after Trump blatantly coerced the Ukrainian president to investigate Democrats.

Or they call peaceful protesters violent while claiming their own insurrectionists peaceful.

Or they charge women assaulted by Supreme Court nominees with lying, while those nominees callously lie themselves.

Thus, if you want to know what dastardly deeds the Republicans are doing to destroy our constitutional democracy, just listen to what they charge others with.

Expose the liars and you reveal the lies. All you need to do is listen to them.

Thomas Spear

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