BIDDEFORD — The city of Biddeford is moving forward with the next phase of the Comprehensive Planning process and is looking for community feedback.

The first segment of the public participation program — an online presentation — is now available for viewing on the city’s Comprehensive Plan website, The virtual session presents findings of the community input received thus far through topic-based surveys, focus groups, and the fall Community Survey, officials said. The results are also available in a readable form on the website, as is a further look at statistics on each of the categories. There will be an opportunity for the community to provide further comment through an online link and an associated poll. The participation options will be available through Dec. 27, said Biddeford Communications Coordinator Danica Lamontagne.

The survey explored participants’ thoughts on housing, climate change, the downtown-mill district, public facilities and an array of other items.

While a number of aspects of housing were explored,  in general terms, on average, those taking the survey felt that housing quality and conditions, monthly cost, and neighborhood conditions were the most important for those looking for housing.

The Planning Board had planned to hold a two-day public workshop in early December, focusing on findings of the Community Survey, building a vision statement, and the further development of goals for the Comprehensive Plan, but that plan was scrapped. The program has now been broken down into multiple segments to improve citizen access to the process, Lamontagne said.

She said activities including a deeper dive into the community’s vision, goals, and its future land use plan, are on hold while the city further develops an approach for in-person attendance as well as virtual participation. The plans for this segment are in development and will be shared as they become available.

“The Biddeford Planning Board is happy to announce the results of our citywide survey for our next Comprehensive Plan,” said Bill Southwick, Planning Board chair. “We appreciate such broad support and participation from the citizens of Biddeford, and we anticipate completion of the new Comprehensive Plan in early 2022.”

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