The mothers, fathers and grandparents who asked for help this year from the Press Herald Toy Fund are no doubt sharing a huge sense of relief today.

Gifts for thousands of Maine children have now been distributed to their parents and grandparents, who no longer have to worry that their children will feel forgotten or less deserving than other children.

The generosity of toy fund supporters will bring much joy to the children who open those gifts on Saturday. But today, on Christmas Eve, it is already bringing much peace to the grownups in their lives.

Among them is a mother of a teenage son and 11-year-old daughter in the midcoast.

“I am a single mom who is working very hard and still has trouble making ends meet,” she wrote to the toy fund. “Christmas time is always hard because I never make enough to save money for gifts. My kids are such great kids. They never get in trouble.

“I’m a proud mom who wants a good Christmas for the best kids in the world.”


Thanks to the toy fund’s donors, the best kids in the world will receive gifts this year.

The fund, meanwhile, continues to raise funds to continue the 72-year-old mission.

Donations from readers of the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, the Sun Journal in Lewiston and The Times Record in Brunswick allow the toy fund to provide gifts to thousands of children in need in York, Cumberland, Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Androscoggin and Knox counties. To help, go to


Staff of Sevee & Maher Engineers Inc $790
From the employees of Nextera Energy Resources, Yarmouth $283
Anonymous $250
In loving memory of Jack, Betty, Steve & Mamie Hines, and Eddie & Bessie Harrigan. From the family $25
Robert Lemieux $100
In memory of Mickey & Mary Maguire $100
In loving memory of Garrett Brackett, love always, Mom, Dad, Alyssa, Libby and Reegan $100
Judith & Alphee Lefebvre $50
In loving memory of our 3 shepherds – Szarik, Missy & Abby. They loved Christmas! $25
In loving memory of our parents, Ethel & Witold Koceiko. Love always, Tom & Me $25
16 December 2021, Shawnee and Barbara, special thanks! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year 2022. Dianne $100
From Mrs. Gray $100
In honor of Maine Health Care Workers – Maureen Smith $50
To honor Aunt Aurie & Uncle Bob, and in memory of Barry M. Campbell (May 1947 – March 1995) $200
Dan & Jeanne Ouellette $100
In memory of Henry & Jeanette Gagnon $100
Jane & Thomas Johnson $200
In loving memory of Uncle Bob, from the Miller family $75
Rob Boudewijn $50
Chebeaque Island Fire Department $595
In the memory of Henk Pols, from the Baird family $300
Karan & Lawrence Miller $100
From George & Roberta Gordon in honor of our grandchildren, who are learning to give – Sophie, 11; Alexander, 13; Ben, 15; and Analise, 17. $100
In loving memory of our grandson, Ryan Smith. From Gram & Papa $50
In memory of Tommie C., Dad C., and Mom & Dad O. From the Ouellettes $25
Anonymous $100
From Anonymous $100
For Grampa, who loved Christmas and children, from his 3 boys. $25
Kristen Damuth $100
Joan Cope $25
In loving memory of Lloyd E. Jones, from Bev $100
In loving memory of my granddaughter, Darlene Jones. From Nanny $100
Merry Christmas from Megan, Nico & Siena $100
From Cassie, Haylee and Jamison $100
Westbrook Council No 2219 Knights of Columbus $200
Anonymous $100
Choose kindness, peace and love. Robin Ratcliffe $200
Meg Swift $100
In memory of Jim Maxin, beloved father and husband, from the Maxin family $500
In honor of Barbara, Doreen and Stacie $100
Anonymous $30
Tom & Beth Burrage $50
Steve & Carol $100
In memory of David, from Sushi 2 $100
Merry Xmas $50
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $250
Joy Beach $30
Merry Christmas from Lakin and Olivia $100
In memory of Susan Minor, from Suzanne $100
Anonymous $100

TOTAL TO DATE: $186,444.53

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