Dear Gorham voter,

On Jan. 11, many residents are being asked to go to the polls again to vote in a special election for the House District 27 seat that is being vacated before the end of the term.

First and foremost, I want people to get out and go vote! Secondly, I want to write a letter in support of Suzanne “Suzie” Phillips, who is running as an unenrolled candidate.

I do not publicly support many candidates for any position, but I felt this was the time to stand up and say something. I think Suzie would be a great person to vote for to fill the seat because she truly knows, understands and appreciates what Gorham is all about. She has served three terms on the Town Council and has helped shape the town’s future. She was also a school committee member for one term. She understands the needs we have within our growing town and our school systems, and can go to Augusta and give us some help.

I don’t think there is a better, more well-rounded candidate out there. She has been a part of the following committees around town: Gorham Business Exchange board member, Gorham Founders Festival Committee, Gorham Historical Society president (four years to date), Gorham Taste Walk coordinator and a Gorham Snogoers Club member.

Suzie has given many years to this town and she understands the impact that uneducated decisions coming out of Augusta can have on a town like Gorham. I know that when she is in Augusta, she is going to vote for what is right for us, our children, our futures and not under political pressure. I urge you to vote for Phillips on Tuesday, Jan. 11, and help get a true voice for Gorham in Augusta!Shonn Moulton