Another January, another storm, another astronomical tide, more flooding here on Portland Pier.

Those of us who live or work here adjust our schedules, move our cars and watch the moat that appears outside our buildings. It is an inconvenience, yes, but one we are willing to live with for the privilege of being in this beautiful spot.

We know that it is bound to get worse over time, and we accept that reality. However, there is damage that occurs that is completely avoidable. Department of Public Works trucks arrive, but what do they do? Why are cars and delivery trucks allowed to drive through a street with 2 feet of saltwater? If Commercial Street were similarly flooded, it would be blocked off for all but emergency traffic. Why is it different for us?

The cars and trucks that drive through the flooded pier push water up against our doors and into our lobby. How many tourists on their way to a lobster roll are aware of the damage they are doing to their cars by driving through saltwater? Why is this allowed? When will the city of Portland take this seriously?

James Becker

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