Thanks to Staff Writer Colin Woodard and the Portland Press Herald for covering Sen. Angus King’s heroic efforts to defend our democracy from voter suppression and election subversion by Republican legislatures around the country (“Sen. King’s new mission: Safeguard democracy,” Dec. 26, Page A1) and to allow consideration of the badly needed Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

At the same time, I am dismayed by Sen. Susan Collins’ opposition to these bills, and her apparent support for extreme legislation suppressing votes and subverting elections in states such as Georgia, Texas and Florida. Among many anti-democratic provisions, Republican legislatures and governors in these states are restricting absentee voting, empowering partisan poll watchers, imposing new penalties on nonpartisan poll workers and giving themselves more control over election processes and personnel.

As Sen. King has said, our democracy is in danger. Will Sen. Collins vote to help protect it?

Alison Hildreth

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