I am a constituent of Sen. Susan Collins, of whom I am ashamed. She failed to honor the Capitol Police by not attending the Jan. 6 commemoration in the Senate. The Capitol Police and their colleagues in the Metropolitan Police potentially saved her life that day, and she lacked the graciousness and gratitude to honor them with her presence. She failed to stand with Rep. Liz Cheney, who puts country before party and before her own political career.

Collins, whose career is not endangered, chose instead to align herself with the members of the Republican Party who continue the Big Lie and amplify it through further lies and mischaracterization. She placed herself with the insurrectionists.

Sen. Collins holds the Senate seat once filled by Margaret Chase Smith, a woman of impeccable honor. During the McCarthy era, Smith – the sole woman in the Senate – stood up for decency and condemned Sen. Joseph McCarthy for the malice he expressed by carrying out a true witch hunt. We are rightly proud to call her our senator.

Collins cannot bring herself even to sit in the Senate today, let alone stand up for democracy. She is not fit to hold Smith’s seat. She brings shame upon us all.

Leah Holmes
Lisbon Falls

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