My grandson has already taught me a lot about life’s priorities.

Joan Newkirk’s grandson is a lens through which the world looks more vivid. Photo courtesy of Joan Newkirk

He arrived when the world was covered with a blanket of quiet, which muffled the sounds of traffic on the street, conversations between friends, and ultimately took our breath away.

The new kid sees the world differently. He notices the birds flitting around the feeder and the bright spots of the zinnias in the yard. He is dazzled by the sunlight shining through a blustery November afternoon, as he watches the leaves being tossed from their colorful canopy. A resident chipmunk catches his attention as it scurries by, chattering in its familiar way. He chatters in response and delight.

He is enthralled with his little world. His connections are intense and deep. I see that when he gazes up at his parents, wide-eyed and content. I wonder if he is aware of something that I can no longer grasp. Perhaps, despite the turbulence of the wider world, he knows that simplicity is the avenue to joy.

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