I disagree with Abdi Nor Iftin. A country that speaks many different languages is NOT united (“Through My Lens: Here’s hoping that as Maine goes, so goes the nation,” Jan. 7). People who come to America, like every other nationality that has, should make a priority of learning to speak English. Otherwise, we cannot communicate with each other and we will continue to have people who will constantly criticize this country and say how bad it is when there were hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world climbing fences to get into our concentration camps.

Please explain that to me and explain why someone like Ilhan Omar was welcomed to America, but came under false pretenses and does nothing but criticize America.

America was known to be a melting pot, not a country of people who cannot communicate with each other. Every person I know from every other country except Spanish-speaking countries does not speak English, so what are they saying for people who don’t understand Spanish? I know people from Russia, Italy, Japan and other countries whose first language has become English because they want to unite and become American citizens.

Diane Robinson