I’m an old man, so you may not want to listen to me. In my days we stopped the Vietnam War. I was in my mid-20s when I marched against it.

We won, not because of the elderly. We won because of the young, who realized that the future of our country resided with them – a country they could not escape. Nor could they escape the ballot box.

So, today, we have a different war: You can vote or not vote. Your decision decides one path, or your lack of decision the other.

What do my young friends want ahead of them: more puffing weed on the couch, or do they rise? Whatever is decided in Congress will come crashing down on their heads, as well as on their families, their food, their rent, their lives.

Be passive or resist! Once they are no longer teenagers, they must survive. They can do that with integrity or not. They must choose their path. And, whatever they do, they must be honest.

What we believe in the deepest part of our heart is what is right, regardless of money, ego, friends or the time of day.

We must not betray the deepest part of our heart.​

Real St. Pierre

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