Barcoded test vials for saliva samples were ready for those with appointments for COVID-19 testing at a new drive-thru Biddeford site at Five Points Shopping Center, which opened Thursday. The center, which offers free PCR testing, is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Tammy Wells Photo

BIDDEFORD — People in need of a COVID-19 test can get one, free, at a new drive-through facility at the Five Points Shopping Center in Biddeford. The testing site is a collaboration between York County Emergency Management Agency, Biddeford ‘s municipal Emergency Management Department and the Maine Centers for Disease Control.

The center opened  Thursday, Jan. 27. Hours will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday each week.  The PCR saliva tests are by appointment only, and are sent daily by courier to ShieldT3 Health in Orono, where they are processed.

“The collection process is quick and accurate results are available to patients within 24 hours,” said York County EMA Deputy Director Megan Arsenault.

Appointments may be made online by creating an account, using the agency code BiddefordComm at :

Those taking the test are reminded not eat or drink (not even water), smoke, vape, chew gum, use lipstick or chap prevention, brush their teeth, or use mouthwash for 60 minutes before taking the test.

A new drive-thru COVID-19 testing site, offering free PCR tests, opened Jan. 27 at Five Points Shopping Center in Biddeford. The site is a collaboration between York County Emergency Management Agency, Biddeford’s emergency management department and the Maine CDC. Tammy Wells Photo

Drivers enter the parking lot of the shopping center and make their way to the Goodwill end, where they will be given a test kit — a small plastic funnel and a barcoded vial — by trained local personnel attached to the Emergency Management Agency. The person then provides a saliva sample, and drives around the rear of the shopping center into a tent, where they hand off their test kit. The barcode will be scanned and the samples sent off for testing. By the following day, those tested should have their result.


York County EMA Director Art Cleaves said the Maine CDC was looking to open a testing site and asked the Emergency Management Agency to help.

“We looked for the best location for a drive through,” said Cleaves, and with the help of Biddeford Emergency Management Director Roby Fecteau, the Five Points location was chosen. The site location has been made available by BHV Biddeford, LLC, HD Lawrence Realty, LLC, and their property management team. “PCR tests are in high demand, and we recognize that people need to know whether they are positive or not and quickly. We believe this site will help York County residents, and others, conveniently get that information, so they can make the safest work, social, and travel decisions.”

“We are excited to work with several different local, county, and state agencies to offer this much-needed service right here in our community,” said Fecteau.

The Five Points Shopping Center is at located 420 Alfred St. in Biddeford.

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