Thank you, John Balentine, for your recent article about Martin Luther King Jr., “a man of honor … a modern saint,” as you called him (“Here’s Something: BLM should be more like MLK,” Jan. 21).

I did as you suggested and read some of his speeches, and yes, I was in “absolute awe.” I also went back and looked at clips from the 2020 riots as you suggested and, as usual, found that the foundation for your opinions was a lie. The clips show Black Lives Matter supporters that had gathered to protest peacefully in the spirit of Martin Luther King, confronted by armed, white racists (like the “magnanimous” Kyle Rittenhouse), drawn into a violent confrontation that spilled over into the streets. Looting and confrontations with police resulted by frustrated, inner-city Black citizens dealing with the reality that all these years later, nothing much has changed.

You liken the rioting to the arcane Bolshevik Revolution instead of the recent violent attack on the Capitol, which you obviously consider a peaceful protest carried out by upstanding white Americans.

You quote Jesus, who said, “Love your enemies,” which can only mean that you, too, still consider Black Americans your enemies.

Still, I thank you for your article, because those of us who think for ourselves instead of accepting the malicious lies of others understand that the real message of your article is this: 58 years after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down in cold blood for delivering his message of peace, love and equality for all, nothing much has changed.

Michael Dennis