Don Loprieno’s Maine Voices column of Jan. 28 made an excellent point: Humanity needs to work together to adapt to climate change. Adapt we must.

We are already feeling the catastrophic impacts of climate change. However we can do more than adapt. We can act to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. How? One important way is to press our members of Congress to enact meaningful, effective, realistic and fair climate legislation such as carbon fee and dividend. This conservative policy places a fee on fossil fuels at their source, with collected monies distributed evenly to all U.S. households. A fair price on carbon will quickly reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the transition to renewable energy. It will protect low- and middle-income people from inevitable fuel price increases as we transition away from fossil fuels.

Mr. Loprieno wants to stick around in Maine. He likes it here and so do I. It’s a great place and we should do our best not only to adapt to climate change but also to try to forestall its devastating impacts.

Contact your member of Congress to urge them to support carbon “cash back” pricing legislation to protect Maine and the planet. For more information and to get involved with your local Citizens Climate Lobby group, go to

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