Are you familiar with the phrase, “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”? I don’t think it is true. There are times, places and situations in which “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu,” is appropriate.

I’m a quitter.

Most of the time, I know when to hold ’em, but I certainly know when to fold ’em, when to walk away, and I sure know when to run.

It takes a lot for me to quit. I am loyal, a good soldier, resourceful and, let’s not forget, funny. When I’m going through hell, I keep on going, I don’t look back and if I’m scared, I don’t show it. Because they can’t fence me in. I’ve got to be me, y’know?

Generally, I live with hope in my heart. I hold on to it through thick and thin. But when it comes down to the simple statement, “If I’m the one thing you can’t live without … consider me gone.” I’ve got to go.

And yes, I once sang, “Take this job and shove it,” as I drove out of a parking lot for the last time.


When conversations were concluded (let’s call them “conversations,” shall we?), there may have been a few raised voices, some denying, a bit of negotiating, a little digging of the heels into the ground. When all of that was done, I was humming, “First I was afraid, I was petrified. … But … I, I will survive, hey hey.”

I quit when I realize the situation is not going to get better or change in a way that includes me as someone who matters. I just walk away, Renee. Because you don’t own me, so don’t try to change me in any way.

There simply comes a point when I have to say, “These boots are made for walkin,’ and that’s just what they’ll do.”

And then, I do.

With gratitude and apologies to:

• The Von Trapp Children.


• Kenny Rogers.

• Winston Churchill & Rodney Atkins.

• Roy Rogers. (Do you think Kenny and Roy were related?)

• Sammy Davis Jr.

• Reba McEntire.

• David Allan Coe.


• Gloria Gaynor. (Never stop that disco ball, Gloria!)

• The Left Banke.

• Lesley Gore.

• Nancy Sinatra. (I had those white pleather boots, Nancy. I was dancing with you on the way out.)

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