I am writing to extend my thanks to the Press Herald’s editorial board (Our View, Feb. 4) for their support of my bill, L.D. 1929, to help municipalities reduce their browntail moth populations. I agree with the editorial board and other members of the Legislature that my bill is a first step toward solving the problem, and that more will need to be done to eradicate this invasive species.

There have been attempts in the past to remove browntail moths at the local level, but we need a multipronged approach. My bill, L.D. 1929, sets up a framework for the state to support these efforts on a local level because we know that communities need to tailor their strategies to fit their needs.

While I agree with the editorial that house-by-house or town-by-town solutions are not sufficient, involving entire communities in this work can be synergistic, creating more efforts to take charge of our local environments. I was inspired to submit this bill after the state entomologist told me that one of the best ways to reduce browntail moths across the state is by individuals clipping nests on their own properties. While this isn’t something the state can mandate, my bill can provide more resources for people across Maine to do this.

As the editorial board stated, passing L.D. 1929 is a good start to addressing Maine’s browntail moth issue. This problem isn’t going away on its own, and we need everyone stepping up to find and execute local and state solutions.

Allison Hepler
Democratic state representative

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