On Jan. 30, one of the worst snowstorms hit our area here in South Portland with blizzard conditions.

In the early evening, as I took my dog out onto our upper deck, I saw a city snowplow driver walking from my garage on Lee Avenue back to his plow truck. I waved at him, but he didn’t see me.

The following day, I found out why he had gotten out of his plow truck. The wind had blown hard that evening, and the pole that held my American flag had bent in half, causing it, and my flag, to fall to the ground. The plow driver saw what had happened that night, and he got out of his truck – in the stormy cold elements – to pick it up and to place it back into the bracket close to my garage door.

What this man did touched my veteran heart deeply. It showed that he cared. It is this type of person who makes America a great nation. We need to share more heartwarming stories such as this one because these stories are out there.

Paul Severs
South Portland

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