We need Ryan Larsen on the  SAD 75 School Board. Now, more than ever, we need members who are good listeners, thoughtful decision-makers and strong advocates for public education.

As the father of three, he brings the voice of our families. As a manager at L.L.Bean, he brings budget and financial acumen and the ability to work with a diverse team. As a community-oriented Harpswellian, Ryan understands what our town’s concerns are. Our district needs someone who is looking to the future and is focused on delivering the highest-quality education we can for our kids; someone who isn’t constrained by the past and who will be a problem-solver and mediator.

Instead of constant infighting that slows things down, we need someone who can deal constructively with complex issues and will work with the other members in a positive and effective manner. Please vote for Ryan Larsen for our School Board.

LeAnne Grillo