Retail work is hard. Retail employees are on their feet all day and barely make enough money to pay rent, not to mention they’ve put their very lives at risk these last years.

I believe there is a simple fix that all retail businesses (and shoppers) should embrace: the tip jar.

It seems, in most retail stores, gas stations, supermarkets, there is no tip jar on the counter or option to tip when using a card. When I inquire, I often hear “we’re not allowed to do that” or “the manager is concerned with the additional bookkeeping burden” or some other hazy reason. Generally they point me to a small stack of pennies piled on a tray at the counter. For sure, this is not a tip jar.

Think of it: A small tip by many can really add up, a very big impact for a very small contribution.

Doing this will add a meaningful addition to retail employee’s income and send a steady signal to these hardworking souls that their work is recognized and appreciated.

Bob Daigle

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