I am disturbed to see you are discontinuing the police beat. How are employers like myself to know who has been arrested? It is a valuable service, and the lack thereof is a detriment to all. Sunshine cures all.

In a similar sense, why cancel Mr. Balentine? No one is right all the time, as many left-leaning media have recently been proven wrong on so many “fake news” stories they refused to even speak of.

You seem to be exercising an unhealthy dose of cancel culture. Free speech is the cornerstone of our democracy; “canceling” things you do not want to speak of or learn about is not American. Let people make up their own minds; this is what it means to be American: the right to do for yourself and make your own way, even if it turns out you are wrong. Freedom of choice, of speech, is being washed away by the hysteria of the mob.

Please think twice and consider a return to American values.

Jacob George deLyra