Every year, we celebrate National Nurses Week (May 6 to May 12) to uplift hard-working colleagues, neighbors, and loved ones.

No matter the setting, sickness, situation or care specialty, nurses are staunch advocates for their patients, expert and efficient multitaskers and compassionate caregivers to family and friends. They work hard every day to keep people as safe and as healthy as possible.

Nurses have remarkable qualities, and by caring for people around them, they hold our communities together. Once again, we are honored to publish your personal stories, share your gratitude, and celebrate the work of nurses across Maine.


Debbie Desjardins, RN (left) and her daughter, Katina Burns. Courtesy Katina Burns.

To: Debbie Desjardins at Mercy Hospital and Maine Medical Center Emergency Departments
From: Katina Burns

Just ask anyone who knows her. Debbie is a true angel and provided the most kind, compassionate care for her patients and co-workers. She waded through the frontlines of COVID-19, even as her retirement neared, she didn’t give up hope, she didn’t give in, she gowned up and didn’t ask questions. She slept in her car many nights in the parking garage, knowing she’d be right back at it for 10, 12, sometimes 16 hours the next day. She’d never admit that she’s tired, even though you know she must be. She thrives in helping all people. I can only try to aspire to be like her every single day. I would compare her to a Saint, to Mother Theresa, the way in which she selflessly continues to give back to the world never fails to amaze me, and I never take it for granted. She is truly special.


To: Katie Koles
From: Toby Koles

On February 1 of this year, my loving wife of over 65 years died very unexpectedly at York Hospital, and that same day, I was in the same hospital having surgery performed on my fractured femur. Talk about a total train wreck: a broken bone and a shattered heart, and helpless and hopeless.

I was transported to a rehab hospital in Portland, stayed 13 days, and had my daughter drive me home. My daughter put an addition onto her home 17 years ago for my wife and I, so just a sliding door separated us.

Now, here’s my daughter, holding down two jobs, caring for her lovable collie dogs, coming over to me endless times a day, tending to my needs, food preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, pick-up the mail, banking, and coordinating the visiting nurses coming to the house to care for my needs. And now, she has to drive me to my outpatient rehab twice a week.

And at the end of the day, before lights are out, she pats me on the back and says, “Good job, Dad. I’m proud of you.” Words of encouragement. Plus, she is grieving the loss of her mother, whom she so dearly loved.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that my daughter is also a nurse? Yes, Katie Koles, retired from the United States Air Force, as a lieutenant colonel, after serving 20 years caring for our U.S. troops. And now she is taking care of an old U.S. Marine, her dad. But none of Katie’s performances surprise me because that’s what nurses do. They care for you more than they care for themselves, unquestionable dedication.

When I’m in the company of a nurse, I like to recite this quotation: “If you save one life, you’re a hero, and if you save a thousand lives, you’re a nurse.” All the angels aren’t in heaven.

I guess my loving daughter never realized what a career her “candy stripe stint” in the hospital in Pennsylvania would lead her to.

Thank God for nurses. — Toby Koles, Proud Dad


Members of the MaineHealth Surgical Outpatient team Courtesy Bev Neugebauer

To: MaineHealth Surgical Care, Outpatient Nursing Team
From: Bev Neugebauer

The nursing team at Surgical Care tirelessly cares for patients during some of their most difficult days.  This team of dedicated professionals provides care and education for pre- and post-surgical patients while supporting providers and all care team members alike.  Our nurses have persevered over the last two years through re-deployment to testing sites, increased safety precautions and coaching patients during the pandemic, all while continuing to work and care for surgical patients.

We are thankful for our dedicated team of nurses!


To: Ruth Smillie
From: Julia Walsh

Ruth Smillie has been a nurse with Maine Medical Center for over 30 years and has taught thousands of nursing students during her tenure at St. Joseph’s College. She helped many families as a labor and delivery nurse at MMC before moving to the Pediatrics GI outpatient clinic where she is currently a fierce advocate for the children she cares for. She is the most compassionate, kind nurse I have ever met. Though she is an astute educator, she remains a lifelong learner in her specialty, staying committed to the pediatric patients she cares for, ensuring they have the knowledge and resources to manage their challenging conditions. She will spend hours on the phone with insurance companies to assist parents in getting the medications and procedures their children so desperately need. Ruth is the most selfless, dedicated nurse, mother, friend, teacher, wife, dog mom, and hiking buddy.


To: Darcy Chandler at Maine Medical Center
From: Rob Bolster

Darcy is the Nurse Care Coordinator for the Cardiac Fellows Clinic. She always provides kind, compassionate care. The Fellows Clinic has a diverse patient population and everyone is given the same high quality care. Darcy goes above and beyond to coordinate the care that our patients require, like setting up assistance for non-medical needs as well as additional medical appointments. Darcy will spend as much time as needed to get the patient the assistance required for care. She is always upbeat and has a kind smile for her patients. The way she is able to juggle home life and patient care is amazing. Thank you, Darcy, for all you do for the Fellows patients and your family.


To: Linda Werner at Maine Medical Center
From: Tom Curry

Linda was very comforting and she worked hard to understand my needs at a time when I was at my most vulnerable. Thank you, Linda!


To: Caitlin, Kaiti and Ally Michaud at Casco Bay Recovery Center, Martin’s Point Health Care and Maine Medical Center
From: Nana B. and Banka

With two granddaughters who are nurses and another that is a nurse practitioner, we are enormously proud of them and the work they do. Doing this, along with maintaining a family life, working long hours and the stress that they have gone through, is exceptional. As our daughter says, “We love our gang.”


To: Maine Medical Center Nurses
From: David N. Morton

Sent from Richards, where he was placed after four days in isolation with no family allowed in: “I have to say…I have never been in a nicer … room…a view of the city through two windows, a bath, but still a hospital bed. Nurses respond to every whim.”

All of the family sends thanks to MMC for once again, expert loving care for our family. God bless you, each and every one.


To: The Nurses at MaineHealth Scarborough Surgery Center
From: Diane Fecteau

The nurses at the Scarborough Surgery Center (SSC) are the most professional, caring, and talented nurses I have experienced in my very long nursing career. They provide compassionate care that is patient and family-centered, and they have done so throughout the challenges of the pandemic.

The types of patients having surgery at the SSC have expanded as we have worked to care for patients whose surgery at the main MMC campus were delayed due to COVID-19 bed shortages. Care here continues to be exceptional because of the outstanding nurses. Thank you to them all!


To: Nurses at Maine Medical Center Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine, Southern Maine Medical Center, Portland Rehab and York Hospital
From: Brian Fox

Jillian, Bri, Maggie, and Jen, you provide the best service. Thank you for doing a great, great job. Sabrina, Amy, Brittany, and many other nurses, you are very, very helpful. Thank you all for your great, great work. Keep up the great work.

Emily, Hannah, and the rest of the nurses, you do a great, great job. Thank you for your service, keep up the great work.

Maddie, you do a great, great job. So, so helpful. Thank you.


To: P6 Nursing Team at Maine Medical Center
From: Samantha Beckwith

Thank you to all the incredible nursing team on P6 for your outstanding care and teamwork! Your unwavering patience, understanding, and compassion for your patients is amazing!


To: Periop-Pre-Post at Maine Medical Center
From: Jennifer Albert

Over the past two years, Periop-Pre-Post (ASU/PACU) has given their time and skills to support other units while surgical procedures were decreased during the pandemic. They continued to support their own department and staffed a surgical unit for over six months. Their continued dedication to the community and patient centered care is honorable. Thank you, Pre-Post team!


To: Kathleen Frost, RN at Maine Medical Center
From: Brenda Allen

I’m humbled and inspired by the extraordinary care that Kathleen Frost, RN gives to every patient in her care on the Mother-Baby Care Unit at MMC.  Kathleen’s dedication to her profession, commitment to her patients and compassionate care are all at the heart of who she is.  From the reassurance and guidance she may give a new mother, to the tenderness and love caring for a new baby, it’s clear she was meant to be a nurse. To my beautiful daughter, I’m so proud of the nurse you’ve become.

Love, Mom


Adelene MacLeod, RN, Maine Medical Center Emergency Medicine’s research team. Courtesy Tania Strout.

To: Adelene Macleod, RN
From: Tania and Mike

Ade, you are amazing and we are extremely fortunate to have you on our team!

Ade has been the solo nurse on MMC Emergency Medicine’s research team for the better part of a very challenging year. She works incredibly hard to help folks with opioid use disorder access treatment with unparalleled competence, kindness, compassion, and respect. She comes in early, stays late, and always goes the extra mile to help our patients start a new chapter in their journeys towards recovery. Ade, you give folks who are often feeling hopeless new hope for the future and we can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication.

Happy National Nurses’ Week!

With much appreciation,

Tania & Mike, on behalf of the entire MMC EM Team

To: The Cardiac Unit team at Maine Medical Center

From: Lloyd Hunt

Last September, during pandemic protocols and shortage in staffing, the nurses, CNAs and other staffers at Maine Medical always showed polite, upbeat compassion to me and my roommate, Dave. I was in their care for most of the month for both stents and a triple bypass, and without them and the other wonderful medical staff I would not be spending time with my family and friends today. There are too many to name, but I hope they all know who they are. Bless you all.


To: Maine’s Nurses
From: Governor Janet Mills

On behalf of the people of Maine, I want to thank nurses across our state. Throughout the pandemic, and in the face of great personal risk and sacrifice, you worked tirelessly to save the lives of Maine people.  You have been on the front lines of our pandemic response, caring for people day after day in hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, ambulances, and homes all across Maine – and all to protect our people, our communities, and our state from this dangerous virus because you cared so deeply.

Your work advanced and protected public health by administering vaccines and tests at clinics and helping schools and other facilities implement practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and you lent your expertise to advance Maine’s COVID-19 response at the state and local levels. All the while, you also cared for Maine people with a range of other illnesses and injuries, from patients with diabetes and other chronic illnesses to individuals facing mental health struggles during this difficult time.

The care you provide each day has made Maine one of the best states in the nation in responding to COVID-19, achieving one of the lowest death rates and highest vaccination rates in the country. These accomplishments are due in no small part to your commitment and compassion. Your work does not go unnoticed.

In recognition of National Nurses Week, I thank you and express my deep appreciation on behalf of the people of Maine.


To: P2C Nurses, at Maine Medical Center
From: Miranda Thauer

The P2C team of nurses at Maine Medical Center has consistently been a COVID-19 unit since the pandemic started. The nurses on this unit have been incredibly flexible with the ever-changing population of those affected by coronavirus. They have had to work with all types of patients: cardiac, oncology, surgical, medical, and beyond. A lot of the nurses were even new graduate nurses who had to work even harder to learn many specialties very quickly.  They have worked tirelessly with compassion through the changes in COVID-19, making sure that patients felt safe and cared for. This team stuck through and held their patients’ hands as these patients had to face a scary diagnosis of COVID-19 alone in an isolation room. They were not allowed any visitors, so our nurses were the only people they had.

The pandemic has hit the nursing community hard with the politics and constantly changing policies. But, this group of nurses never stopped showing up with smiles on their faces and incredible kindness! I am so proud to be on their team! Thank you for everything you do!


To: P2C Nurses, Night and Day shifts, at Maine Medical Center
From: Kay Schothuis

To the men and women on P2C – Your dedication to your patients and each other creates a true environment of healing and learning. Thank you for your flexibility with all the changes we have seen over the past year. It is an honor to know each and every one of you.


To: Morgan Murphy at Southern Maine Medical Center
From: Mom and Dad

Wow, another year has gone by and now, you are not only an ICU nurse but also a Clinical Instructor for UNE. You give such great care to every patient you come in contact with and you are kind-hearted and deeply compassionate toward everyone. Your integrity is impeccable and is second to none. We love and cannot wait to see what the next year brings.

XOXO, Mom and Dad


To: All the nurses on P2C at Maine Medical Center
From: Dalis Bragdon

The nurses on P2C go above and beyond each and every day. When faced with the challenge of caring for COVID-19 patients, they took on the challenge without complaint and excelled. They provided compassionate and nurturing care to help their patients get through a very difficult time. These nurses went above and beyond to provide a listening ear and a friendly laugh to those separated from their loved ones. They arrive to work each day and put their own personal struggles aside to care for others. Their flexibility and can-do attitudes are admirable. Over the past year, the nurses of P2C have showed true strength and resilience. There are not enough thanks for all that you do!


To: Meaghan Wildes at Maine Medical Center
From: Mom and Dad

To our wonderful daughter Meaghan Meaghan, CNC at Maine Medical Center. You have been an inspiration for us with your dedication, caring, dependability, and cheerfulness during these challenging times while providing amazing care to the pediatric/PICU units the past two years. You and the pediatric/PICU team have demonstrated a strong and respectful work ethic while providing top-notch care to your units. We are so proud of you and your dedicated co-workers for the support and care you provide every day. As your parents, we are genuinely blessed to have you as a daughter.

Love, Mom and Dad


To: Deb, Anna, Terilee, Meg, Sarah, Jackie, Sue, Kim, Jen D., Sean, Jen S., Megan at Maine Medical Center Research Institute – Clinical Trials Office
From: Krista Garrison

Thank you to the Research Nurses that work tirelessly every day to help patients to navigate the complex world of Research.  You are truly making a difference in our patient’s lives.


To: Maine Medical Center Emergency Department
From: Ashley Rivers

I am so proud to continue to work with the most amazing Emergency Medicine team. I have been a nurse for 16 years and have been at Maine Medical Center’s Emergency Department for seven of them. Every night I come into work I am so grateful to surround myself with the most intelligent colleagues who have great teamwork. We always band together to provide the best care for our community. Thank you to my ED team, I love working with you.


To: Kayla Hewitt at Northern Light Mercy Orthopedics
From: Laurie Walker

Kayla is a very compassionate person. She is always willing to help anyone any way she can.  She is nonstop from the time she enters the building until the time she leaves.  She is truly a blessing to all of us that work with her and know her.  She has been there for me personally, as a good listener.  I love you, Kayla.


To: Alicia Paquette and Mindy Gammon at Northern Light Mercy Hospital
From: Marc Hoffman

Alicia and Mindy are the Nurse Managers of the Mercy Emergency Department and they both were instrumental in helping get Mercy and our Portland community through the pandemic. They helped organize the Portland Expo Vaccination Clinic where over 50,000 Mainers were vaccinated. They also created a safe environment and isolation bays in the old Mercy ED which helped get staff and patients through the disease in a safe manner.


To: Amanda Lussier at Northern Light Mercy Hospital
From: Ann Royall

Amanda has taken care of me through some very hard times. She calls and checks on me at least twice monthly still to this day. I have suffered from depression and have had a very hard surgery experience and she was so compassionate and enduring and totally there for me. Just thinking of her phone calls brings tears to my eyes. She suggested things to do to make me get out of bed and smile. It was like she was doing those things with me such as yoga and walking. I can’t explain how kind, sweet and joyful she is. I do not know what I would do without her.


To: COVID-19 ICU Nurses at Maine Medical Center
From: Shannon Calvert

This huge thank you is for my team. As a nurse in the COVID-19 ICU for the past two years I’ve experienced the most difficult times in my nursing career, both emotionally and physically. We’ve experienced a lot. We’ve saved some and lost far too many. It has been nothing any of us could have ever predicted. It was uncharted territory, and I couldn’t have made it without the support of my team. We rose to the occasion and did everything we could day in and day out for our patients. We became experts in areas we had yet to experience. This group of nurses showed compassion, excellence, professionalism and most importantly commitment. Commitment to our patients, the community and each other. There are no words to say thank you enough and honestly thank you doesn’t feel like enough.

We’ve made it this far because of each other! I would not have wanted to be on this journey with any other team. So, although it isn’t enough, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


To: New England Cancer Specialists and Northern Light Mercy Wound Healing Center
From: Barbara Foley

The professionals at New England Cancer Specialists are very competent, communicate well, and are compassionate. Grateful for their care and concern. The team at NL Mercy Wound Healing Center, they are beyond fabulous and totally awesome!


To: Lee Chick at Maine Medical Center Urgent Care Plus
From: Lisa Letourneau

I am so proud to call you my husband, and to know that you are one of the most caring, compassionate, and skilled nurses I’ve ever met. With your 20+ years of emergency nursing experience, you bring an incredible combination of clinical skill, a much-prized emergency department “6th sense” for knowing when someone is “really sick,” and a unique ability to bring a personal touch to everyone you care for—always looking for a way to connect, a joke to tell, or a small comfort to bring, whether a warm blanket, extra pillow, or the infamous turkey sandwich. And all the while, bringing respect and a smile to everyone you work with, from your nurse and clinician co-workers to unit secretaries, housekeeping staff, and security colleagues.

I know these past two plus years haven’t been easy, and I continue to be amazed every day as you come home with stories of the comfort and reassurance you clearly are able to bring to patients, even during the craziest of times. You are amazing, and we are all lucky to have you caring for us!

XOXO, Lisa Letourneau


Members of Maine Medical Partners Endocrinology and Diabetes Nursing Team. Courtesy Stacy O’Brien.

To: Maine Medical Partners Endocrinology and Diabetes Nursing Team
From: Stacy O’Brien

Thank you to our amazing team of RNs at Endocrinology and Diabetes, which includes Specialty RNs, Diabetes Educators and Clinical Leadership. This team works together to deliver excellent care for patients with endocrine conditions and patients with diabetes. This team of compassionate nurses demonstrates our MaineHealth values while navigating their day including phone triage, nurse visits, infusion services, and diabetes education. Over the past two years during this pandemic, our team has focused on insuring that our patients continued to receive quality care while keeping our patients and care team members safe.

We love our nurses at Maine Medical Partners Endocrinology and Diabetes and appreciate the work that you do every day!


To: State of Maine Nurses
From: Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew

In recognition of National Nurses week, I want to thank each of the over 100 nurses who work for the State of Maine for your unwavering dedication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Your efforts have helped to save and improve countless lives.

At our two psychiatric centers, Riverview and Dorothea Dix, nurses have cared compassionately for patients with serious mental illness while under strict COVID-19 protocols. Our Public Health Nurses have given shots, administered life-saving medications, and protected health and safety by conducting testing in homeless shelters, schools, and underserved areas. Nurses who work for the Department have helped care for patient in
facilities hard hit by COVID-19 outbreaks, worked with nursing homes to prevent the spread of infections, and cared for people in crisis, often as a result of the challenges of the pandemic. They continued home visits to families with young children even when they didn’t know if the person who answered the door had COVID-19 or was vaccinated. And in various ways, they helped Maine maintain one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the country, despite having an aging population highly susceptible to the virus.

This fact alone is a testament to your inspiring and courageous work, which has and will continue to extend well beyond the challenges of COVID-19. On behalf of the Department, I express deep gratitude for your knowledge, skills, and commitment to the people of Maine.


To: CFT7 Gibson at Maine Medical Center
From: April Hothersall
Amazing group to work with!


To: The Nursing Team at Maine Medical Center Urgent Care Plus
From: Lee Chick

As you all know, the past two years have been challenging, to say the least. While there were days that I wondered if I would survive, I can say that during that time, and because of all my co-workers, I did more than survive —I thrived. Each day that I went to work, I knew that someone would make me laugh, someone might make me cry, someone would make me feel needed, and someone else would complain, but it was the nurses that I work with every day that made me feel like I had a family away from home.

While so many people were not comfortable leaving their homes, I got to go to a place where I was supported and knew I was working with a team who would keep me safe. More importantly, I knew I was part of a team that was making a difference for so many people needing care. I want to thank my colleagues, the team of nurses at Maine Medical Center Urgent Care Plus, for caring throughout those very stressful times—and for being YOU!

With thanks, Lee Chick


To: All the Nurses I’ve Encountered
From: David Kissin
In my 40+ years as a healthcare professional, I have encountered so many exceptional nurses that they are too numerous to count. These people are highly motivated, extremely knowledgable and compassionate. They work tirelessly to ensure that they are giving each and every one of their patients the optimal care, advocating for them and collaborating with the healthcare team to bring about the best outcomes. I am proud to call many nurses friends and cherish my interactions with them all.


To: Brenda Thomas
From: Dick Curry

Brenda has been a godsend to our family for over four years. She first took care of my father-in-law as he struggled with memory issues before passing away in 2017 at age 97. Since then, she has taken care of and provided incredible support and care 16+ hours a day for my mother-in-law. Our mutual goal is to get her to age 100—she turned 97 in April—and Brenda is doing her best to encourage Mary T. to eat well, do her exercises, and take care of herself so that they make it to 100 together. Brenda is our angel!


To: SCU Nurses at Maine Medical Center
From: Clinical Nursing Coordinators at MMC

We want to thank our team in SCU (Special Care Unit) for the incredible work they have been doing these past two years. This is an extraordinary group of skilled nurses who have worked tirelessly over the last two years to provide exceptional care to their patients and families during such an unprecedented time. We are so proud of our team and their willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure our patients are receiving the best care. They are continuously putting in the “behind the
scenes” effort that makes all the difference. The challenges these nurses have faced during the last two years have brought out the very best during the worst times. To our SCU Nurses- we appreciate you, we love you, and we are so proud that you are on our team.

Love, Andrea, Brit, Jeremy, Kim, and Linda


To: Josh Stevens and the nursing staff on the Zolov Unit at the Barron Center
From: Susan Weddle

I would like to thank Josh and the entire staff of the Zolov Unit at the Barron Center for their caring, empathy and compassion. My husband is in the advanced stages of dementia and has been there almost a year. They are extremely knowledgeable about the disease and always take the time to talk about health issues with me. They allow patients the freedom to be “themselves” within the confines of the unit and get to know the patients’ personalities and preferences. It is very evident that they truly care about their patients.

Few people possess the considerate, altruistic, caring hearts that they do and even fewer are willing to give so much of themselves. I am so thankful for their professionalism and dedication. It is comforting to know that my husband is being taken care of in such a wonderful environment.


To: Heather Emerson at Maine Medical Center
From: Christina Hooper

Heather is one of the most caring nurses I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is kind and caring in her approach to patients, always really present during appointments. Really listening and understanding patients’ concerns and fears, working outside the box to be sure she can help in anyway, even if it’s just the return call to let them know she is there for them and together they will work through whatever is going on at that time. Always professional in her interactions with co-workers, yet when warranted has this quick wit that we all enjoy and most days need.

Thank you for all you do for our clinic every day, we are blessed to have you as part of the team!


To: Lynn Cerneus at Mid Coast Hospital
From: Grammy

So proud of you, Lynn. The many obstacles you encountered and overcome show how strong your commitment to nursing is.

Lots of love, Grammy


To: Carolyn Bulliner at Mid Coast – Parkview Health
From: David Taft

Carolyn, a retired Army Nurse, has repeatedly volunteered to administer the COVID-19 vaccines and the boosters. Her continued generosity and professional commitment are unequalled and are very much appreciated in our Brunswick community.


To: The nursing team at OceanView at Falmouth
From: Diane Kibbin

I’d like to thank the nursing team at OceanView for their steadfast dedication to our residents. During the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the nursing staff rise to the occasion and go above and beyond to ensure that our residents receive outstanding, compassionate care. The commitment from all our nurses has been

inspiring, and on behalf of all of us at OceanView and Cumberland Crossing, I’d like to publicly acknowledge and thank them for all they’ve done and continue to do for our communities.


To: Paige McGowan and Michelle Twombly at Maine Medical Center
From: Emma Pressey

I cannot thank Paige McGowan enough for everything she did for me and my family last May. She helped to deliver our baby girl who was not expected to arrive for another five weeks, so it was a very scary situation. She kept the room calm, and both myself and my husband informed every step of the way. She showed compassion and was incredibly professional. Not only was she an amazing nurse to me, I had the privilege of working alongside her and was always amazed at how knowledgeable and skilled she was. Thank you, Paige! We will never forget your kindness!

Michelle was such an angel to have care for my Maeve when she had to spend some time in the continuing care nursery at MMC after her early birth. She was compassionate, loving and super informative. My husband and I cannot thank her enough for everything she did and for the great communication. She also made the most beautiful footprint page that we look at every day in our little girl’s room!


To: Erin White at York Hospital
From: Jeanne Goss

Erin is one of the strongest people I know. Her compassion for others is unflappable. Despite dealing with situations most of us could not imagine, she has persevered through a tragic, untimely death of a very special loved one and come through to the other side raising two young boys, working tirelessly to purchase a house and make it a loving home. She is, without a doubt, one of the strongest, loving people. I have had the opportunity to be her patient and become a true friend. Anyone who happens to cross paths with Erin should consider themselves lucky and blessed.


To: Samar Jamali at University of Southern Maine Health Center
From: Juliana Post

I would like to bring recognition to Samar Jamali, a nurse practitioner, and her colleagues at the University of Southern Maine Health Center in Gorham. They have balanced the COVID-19 precautions put out by the Maine CDC with the needs of students.  They have stayed open for most of the past two years. These nurses go beyond the 9-to-5 day, frequently following up with students after hours to ensure that all is well.

Samar volunteered to give COVID-19 vaccinations at Chaval restaurant in Portland one Saturday morning.  The line for this center was long and clearly there was a great need.  She also set up food boxes for students who remained on campus during school vacations when the cafeteria was closed.

A special thanks to all in the medical field. Over the past two years, they have made a significant difference in so many lives.   Samar is my daughter, and I am so proud of her.


To: Susan Kelley at Martin’s Point
From: Jan Corey

Thank you so much for your patience and humor. You go way beyond!

All the best, Jan Corey


To: Michelle Drown, a Martin’s Point visiting nurse
From: Ed Stowell and family

Thank you, Michelle, for your dedication and follow through.


To: Marie Keller at Partners for World Health
From: The Foleys

Marie, we are so grateful for all you have given us. We turn to you again and again.

With much love, admiration and respect, The Foleys


To: Lori Barron, Devon Andrews Kathleen Keane, Amanda June Chaves, Amanda Sebastiao, Lauren Vickerson at Maine Medical Center VAD and Transplant team
From: Rob Bolster

This amazing group of women are the backbone of MMC Heart Failure VAD and Transplant Team. The many long, difficult hours they spend to coordinate the care for their patient is always above and beyond what is requested. They work exceptionally well as a team and are always there to assist one another for outstanding quality patient care. They are consistently working many channels to provide for the best possible outcomes for these patients. These ladies coordinate care for patient from the top of the state to Southern Maine from Fryeburg to down east. It is a pleasure to watch these ladies in action. Words cannot express the many thanks for all that you do for the program. Keep up the great work.


To: Holly Wood at Maine Medical Center
From: Carrie Strick

I would like to honor and recognize Holly Wood for her compassionate care in the most challenging of times. Over the past couple of years that I have known her, she has always stepped up to care for the most complex patients who have struggled with the hardship of their disease. Not only does she care for them, but she treats them as she would want to be treated. She understands the humanity behind the art of nursing. Often patients are at their most vulnerable when they are in the hospital. Holly always remembers this and looks beyond the patient in the bed to see the whole person.

She finds out their interests, what might help them most. It might be a joke, or some painting supplies, or a large, posted schedule to remind the patient of their goals to get out of the hospital. She is great at making any patient she cares for feel at ease. I have seen her do this time and again and I am always amazed by her skill and compassion. It is a true honor to work side-by-side with her.


To: MS3 at Southern Maine Health Care Medical Center
From: Brittney Brownell

These nurses stand out because even though they are pushed to the limit some days, they give excellent care and stay positive around their staff members. I am so thankful that I get to work with them, and they inspire me to finish school. They are always so helpful with any questions I may have and never make me feel like a burden regardless with how busy they are.


To: Abby Chick, RN
From: Mom & Dad

When you decided a few years ago to go back to school for your nursing degree, clearly no one could have imagined that that would mean graduating as a new nurse amidst a worldwide, overwhelming, and devastating pandemic — as well as then taking your first job in the Intensive Care Unit and caring for COVID-19 patients all day!

But throughout those long and what must often have been terrifying days, you have done an incredible job navigating those challenges and approaching your new role with courage, strength, and compassion. We can only imagine how many hands you held and how many hearts you lightened during some very dark days, bringing both your newly acquired nursing skills, and even more importantly, your warmth, compassion, and caring to so many people in some of the worst days of their lives. You are stronger than you know, and one of the smartest, bravest, and most courageous women we are privileged to know.

We love you dearly, and are so proud to call you our daughter!

XOXO, Mom & Dad

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