“On my bedside table is the novel, ‘Sharpe’s Sword’ by Bernard Cornwell. The main character, Richard Sharpe, is an anti-hero. The book is set in the time of wars between Napoleon and England and takes place during a particular battle. I also liked the Clint Eastwood spaghetti western ‘For a Few Dollars More’ and Daniel Craig’s Bond movies. Such men do not sweat the small stuff. There is more than just the one Sharpe novel — you can also read ‘Sharpe’s Eagle,’ ‘Sharpe’s Company,’ etc.

“I was in the US Coast Guard for six years and enjoy reading historical adventure. I have read all the Sharpe novels. Each ends in an army promotion for Sharpe. He is a fighter and a leader on the battlefield, and, my favorite thing about him, an anti-hero. Men like this have a code of honor. They help the weak and shoot the bad. The next novel I read will have ‘Spenser’ as the main character. It is so sad that Spenser author Robert B. Parker passed away. Spencer is an articulate anti-hero. So there!” — EDWARD M. TURNER, Biddeford

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