Kudos to June Sendrowski for her April 26 letter highlighting the law requiring drivers to allow at least 3 feet between their mirror and bicyclists. She nicely emphasized this means that drivers need to slow down until they do have 3 feet!

A friend was recently traveling on her bike through Morrill’s Corner. She could see a car about to pass in her rearview mirror, so she put her left hand out with three fingers to remind the driver to allow 3 feet – but this driver came within 1 foot of her. Fortunately, she was able to get the license plate number, pulled up on the sidewalk and called the Portland Police dispatch.

Dispatch confirmed the plate belonged to a vehicle of the same make and color she described, so a letter will be sent to the owner, informing them this is not safe and not OK! Most police traffic teams in Greater Portland will send a letter if the plate, make and color of the vehicle reported are a match.

I conclude with June’s sign-off:

“The road is not just for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Cyclists, walkers, et al., all have the right to be on the road. Use caution and care and slow down and be kind. It can save lives and it will make you feel good, too.”

Patty Bruce

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