This isn’t hard, folks. What have the Republicans done for the working class? Reduced taxes for only the richest, raising them for the poorest so they have skin in the game? Eliminated safety regulations in the workplace, discouraged the formation of unions trying to protect against those hazards? Dictated how a woman controls her body? Ostracized children struggling with their sexuality? Cutting Social Security?

What has the Republican Party done for the working class? I seriously can’t think of one thing. They are the party of go-it-on-your-own, let the chips fall where they may; except the game has been rigged in favor of the richest, the people who put the Republicans in office. Do you really think the Republicans, hired by the richest 0.1% in a system designed to maximize the power of their wealth (culminating in Citizens United), are there to support the working class?

Banning books, attacking teachers, encouraging neighbors to report on one another for a reward? Doesn’t this sound scary? Can’t the working class, our neighbors, leaders in their church, volunteers in the community, captains of the fire company, active parents in the school and sports programs see that the Republicans are all about control, the most anti-American value I can imagine, telling working folks how to live their lives?

Toby Cinamon Rabold