Susan Collins’s choices are narrowing if she intends to responsibly represent her constituents in Maine, in the nation and among women and their allies.

Right now, with heightened concern in the wake of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health which indicates that that a majority of justices are ready to overturn Roe v. Wade and send abortion policy to the states, she needs to stop blaming the perfidy of the justices she was instrumental in elevating to the bench, and tell us what she intends to do, and how actively she intends to work, to protect women’s reproductive rights. That needs to be done now so that her inaction will not add to the Republican Party’s campaign against women of color and poverty. I look forward to the active, if limited, array of options she may choose to put her seniority and reputation on the line in this crucial cause. It is a time for heroics, not ducking for cover.

If, however, the draft opinion turns out to be an accurate representation of a final majority opinion striking down the “settled” precedent of Roe, and she refuses to join the effort to eliminate the filibuster, she has no other honorable choice than to resign.

Stephen Bloom
South Portland

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