SOUTH PORTLAND — The Cape Elizabeth Police Department warned residents of a new telephone scam. 

On May 15, police shared a statement from the attorney general warning Mainers to watch out for an $850 relief check identity scam.

According to the release, both the Maine Attorney General and Maine Revenue Service were alerted about scammers claiming to be the Maine IRS. The scam has been targeting Maine residents and requesting their social security numbers as well as inquiring about their maiden names, and other sensitive information.

According to a news release from the attorney general, scammers stated the information was needed to process a $850 relief check that was authorized by the governor and the legislature last month. 

“Maine Revenue Services already has all the information it needs to issue these relief checks, so no one should need to share any information to collect this check,” wrote Attorney General Aaron Frey. “As always, do not share any identifying information with anyone demanding such information over the phone without independently confirming their identity.”

Eligibility for the $850 relief check is based on the 2021 Maine individual income tax return. Relief checks will be mailed through U.S. Postal Service. The first round of checks will be mailed out in June and will be sent out on a “rolling basis” through the end of the year as returns are received.  


The latest warning follows on the heels of a recent uptick in scams. Last month, the police department warned residents about scam calls where the caller claims to be raising money for the Maine State Trooper’s Association. Recently, a scammer called the Cape Elizabeth Police department dispatch center and requested money. The scammers also refer to themselves as “retired troopers.”

According to Detective Ben Davis of the Cape Elizabeth Police Department, the department sees a variety of people reporting about scam alerts. 

“The older population is susceptible to scam calls. Some of the victims have even sent money out after receiving a call,” said Davis. 

Cape Elizabeth residents who have fallen victim to a scam, want to report a scam, or need more information, can call the police department at 207-767-3323. 

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