A large group of North Yarmouth residents has worked for 16 months to improve and reform our municipal government. We saved Sharp’s Field from residential development, insisted on improved accounting and audit procedures, and passed a building cap in the Village. We lobby for land use ordinance and charter changes and point out problems with our TIF (tax increment financing) that impact our property tax rate and business development. We insist our municipality be transparent and obtain residents’ input on important decisions.

Our efforts are constantly opposed by a small group of residents who created what we seek to correct. They funded and fought the March building cap referendum vote. Now they are running a “ticket” of three candidates for Select Board. They intend to stop our work and protect the status quo.

Please reject this “ticket” and choose from Robinson, Whitmarsh, Reed and Moulton for the Select Board. They move us forward.

Lincoln J. Merrill Jr.
North Yarmouth