The Westbrook School Department will be responsible for $377,813 of the $1.6 million repair bill for the fire and water damage at the high school last July, according to the terms of a recently settled insurance claim.

School officials have previously said they would cover their share of the repair costs through extra funds in construction budgets.

About $300,000 of the schools’ share will go to upgrades to smoke barriers and doors and  $77,000 will go for low voltage electric upgrades, correcting code violations found at the school in the wake of the fire.

“When you think of how much the construction had to do with upgrading the outlets in the school, LED lighting, I feel pretty good about that number,” Interim Finance Director Brian Mazjanis said. “Insurance treated us fairly. I think we got a fair deal and were treated well by our insurance company.”

Insurance coverage included about $550,000 for demolition and clean up following the fire, $116,000 for electrical upgrades, $132,000 in property damage including furniture and an additional $226,515 for the rest of the smoke barrier repairs.