Our appetite for violence takes precedence over anything else, courtesy of a wealth-saturated lobby that emphasizes the notion of guns as proxy for freedom until it is cemented in suggestible minds, immovable, immutable for anything, including the gut-wrenching, unthinkable loss of young life.

The National Rifle Association must be amputated from politics – the enormous cash deluge influencing leadership must stop. The gun lobby has effectively paid off some and manipulated others into substituting guns for freedom within their neural networks.

The NRA is culpable.

This group pushes misguided, clinically erroneous rhetoric without substantiation, irresponsibly and coldly indifferent to any collateral loss of life that results from their efforts.

In the same breath, they claim deep concern over the sanctity of life (within a different paradigm), further underscoring the deep hypocrisy.

Time to strike this contemptible body from their sphere of influence; time for some persons to relocate their souls.

Mia Marietta
Old Orchard Beach

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