Yippee. Sen. Susan Collins has bravely begun to grandstand about enacting national gun legislation similar to Maine’s yellow flag law. How courageous of her, only 10 short years after the murderous rampage at Sandy Hook.

You’ll forgive me for not applauding, as this is the same senator who espoused that Donald Trump “has learned … a pretty big lesson” and enthusiastically voted to confirm the Supreme Court justices who will reverse Roe and expand gun rights. Consequently, I will not be putting a lot of stock in either her leadership or her judgment.

Of course, God help the peaceful protester who writes in chalk on the sidewalk in front of her home: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the same medium used by children to draw hopscotch on a sidewalk will cause the good senator to expect immediate police intervention and swift punishment. Sadly, there are 19 fewer children in Texas who will have the opportunity to create their own games and messages in chalk ever again.

Good work, Sen. Collins.

Peter Coyne

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