LEWISTON — A kindergarten student at Montello Elementary School was cut by a shaving razor hidden in putty Friday, according to a letter from the school principal sent to kindergarten parents Tuesday.

The student’s hand was treated by the school nurse and required no further medical care.

After searching for the cause of the wound, the teacher found a shaving razor in a jar of putty used by students for play and as a calming tool. Kindergarten teachers have checked calming tents and other jars of putty and have not discovered any similar items, the letter from Principal Jim Cliffee said.

School staff are interviewing students in the kindergarten class and considering who else may have been in the room.

In a conversation Wednesday, Cliffe said staff are not aware of any other students who were in the classroom, nor does he believe the razor was brought to the school in the putty. He suspects it was one of the students in the kindergarten class who put the razor in the putty, however school administrators do not yet know for sure who is responsible.

Cliffe said he feels confident this was an isolated incident.

“As we try to find the source of the razor, we will be observant and vigilant. Your children’s safety is our priority,” Cliffe wrote.

The letter sent to kindergarten parents at Montello Elementary School Tuesday

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