Teachers keep the whole world together- without them there would be no business men or women. They teach kids how to be successful, responsible, and respectful. A lot of people take teachers for granted, but they are the reason that people know how to read and write and just do simple everyday tasks. So teachers should be getting paid much more than what they are right now.

Many teachers have to have more than one job just to make sure that their families are thriving. One in every five teachers have a second job, having one full time job that requires you to work from about 7 a.m. to about 3 p.m. should be enough to get food on your table and be able to buy some “luxury” things. About 48 percent of the teachers in the U.S have kids so they should be able to go out when needed and buy what their kids want or need (“When teaching and parenting collide: As schools shift online, many educators manage two roles”).

Another reason teachers should have a higher salary is because they deal with more than just education issues. Especially during online learning, teachers had to help with some kids’ home problems and actually had to zoom in and see their homes and how they were living. For most kids they would do online school one day and then do in person school the next day. This means on some days there you would have to make sure that people have a good environment to zoom from and do work and then on in person days they have to make sure they’re going to be ready for online days. Teachers also have the responsibility to make sure that all their younger students are doing okay with all their friends and there are no arguments going on during working time (Ibid).

Some people think that teachers get paid enough because all they do is teach little kids simple math like one plus one, but studies have shown that the hardest things to teach kids are things like tying your shoes, learning how to write their name, and teaching them how to clean up after themselves. Yes, some parents can teach their kids how to do this but some parents aren’t always willing or around to teach their kids how to do these things. That means that it’s left up to their teachers because kids need to know how to do things like that. For some teachers they are taking on roles that moms and dads would do.

Teachers do so much more than just teach during the winter. They also work during the summer and even while they are working so much more than just 1+1. They help kids with their family issues and friend problems. This is why teachers deserve more than what they get.

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