I received a flyer from the Maine Justice and Public Safety PAC urging people to vote against incumbent Cumberland County District Attorney Jonathan Sahrbeck primarily because he switched parties. I’m a flip-flopper too – I was a member of the Republican Party when I was younger, but switched to the Democratic Party about 35 years ago.

Just as I ask people to accept me in this community based on my actions and behavior, I also ask people to accept and support Sahrbeck.

He is committed to interacting with the community, including people who struggle with homelessness and drug addiction. He listens to community leaders regarding the treatment of youth offenders and drug users. He is concerned about crime and supports our police force. He has worked to improve communication between the police, the courts, and the citizenry. Regardless of his party affiliation, D.A. Sahrbeck is doing a good job and deserves to be reelected.

Richard Akers

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