Adam Jackson, left, with Thompson’s Point colleagues Lauren Wayne and McCrae Hathaway. Photo courtesy of Adam Jackson

If you see a show at Thompson’s Point this summer, note the fencing, the lighting, the porta-potties – these are just some of the visible results of Adam Jackson’s work, which every year starts around Christmas.

Once a band has locked in a date at Thompson’s Point, Jackson is the next person the tour manager talks to, coordinating schedules and equipment needed. On the day of the show, he’s the person making sure all the pieces are in place.

“I’m the big dot connector,” he said, describing his job as production manager.

Jackson, 37, who grew up in Cape Elizabeth and lives in Portland, started working for the State Theatre when it reopened in 2010. And since the State started putting on concerts at Thompson’s Point in 2015, he’s been trying to make it a better experience every year.

This year, the stage got a major upgrade, enabling bands to set up more equipment and put on more spectacular shows. Other years it’s been improving parking or lining up more food trucks.

It’s a job that has major stressors – like deciding when bad weather is close enough to end a show early – and major rewards – like watching Wilco play from 15 feet away.


But always at the forefront is the goal of giving the bands and the fans the best experience possible.

“The point of it all is to have people come and have that one special night that they’ll always remember,” he said. “And come back next year.”

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— Leslie Bridgers