Amy Bertacini has been a stage manager at Maine State Music Theatre since 2011, and now lives in Brunswick. Photo courtesy of Amy Bertacini

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Amy Bertacini had never been to Maine when she first was hired as a stage manager at Maine State Music Theatre in 2011.

Now, it’s her home.

“I fell in love with Maine, and it felt like the place I always wanted to be,” said Bertacini, 39, who lives in Brunswick with her partner – also a stage manager at the summer theater. (They work mostly in Florida during the winter. “We get paid to be snowbirds,” she said.)

Bertacini’s job encompasses a wide range of tasks, including lining up costume fittings for actors, coordinating props and orchestrating scene changes. But if she does it right, you’ll never know she was there.

“Our fingerprints should never be on it,” she said. “We’re just there to communicate.”

Of Maine State’s four main-stage shows this summer, she’s most excited about “The Color Purple,” an adaptation of a coming-of-age novel that runs from July 20 to Aug. 6. As a drama, she said, “it’s something that we never would have done before.”

Performances are held at Pickard Theater, 1 Bath Road, Brunswick, on the Bowdoin College campus. For the full schedule and to purchase tickets, go to

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