What an event-filled four years of weekly reports on food and beverage I’ve seen happening in the southern Midcoast area. Restaurant openings and closings, beer tastings, wine dinners, farmers markets, agri- and aqua-culture tours, food festivals, competitions, and more occurred regularly (even during the pandemic) and were worthy of note in “Sande’s Picks.”

Sande Updegraph lives in Brunswick and is a longtime food writer. She can be reached at sandeupdegraph@gmail.com.

My days have now taken an interesting turn and I find myself returning to some old pastimes and discovering new ones. It is time to move away from chronicling food and beverage events and just enjoy them, at least for now.

Maine has achieved a remarkable culinary tradition. Growers and food crafters are continuing to create their own styles that are built on the best from our soils and seas. Brewers, vintners and distillers are combining flavors and techniques that are setting new standards. Those of us who enjoy the results are establishing Maine’s place as a food leader.

The reason for a weekly column, beginning with the Coastal Journal and moving into The Forecaster, was to inform and remind my friends and neighbors about something new and out of the ordinary. There was always (thank goodness) a new food truck in the park or a pop-up takeaway window along the sidewalk. Craft breweries sprang up in every town and each was a bit different. Consumer Supported Agriculture shares changed with every season, offering new approaches to suit their customers. All of these enterprises were and are worthy of our support. But you can’t support them if you don’t know about them. That’s how “Sande’s Picks” was born.

Thank you all for your questions, tips and attention. And thanks for the memories.

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