Sandy Willcox of Scarborough donated a one-of-a-kind painting of Scarborough Marsh to the Scarborough Land Trust (SLT). The painting, titled “Scarborough Marsh in Summer,” is oil-based and features a view of the marsh habitat which is ecologically and culturally important to the community. It will be auctioned off to support the land trust.

Willcox wishes to use her artistic talent to protect the marsh. The marsh, she said, is “a magnet for many who want to enjoy its trails and waterways, but living here has given me a strong connection to its nourishing, soul-soothing rhythms. In addition to being a favorite subject for my paintings, I feel passionately protective of the marsh’s fragile and irreplaceable ecosystem: a fertile wildlife sanctuary that improves water quality while it sequesters a significant amount of carbon.”

SLT will hold a silent auction for this painting which is set to began June 12 and will conclude on Aug. 14. Bids can be placed on the organization’s website. The current bid will remain updated online through the entirety of the auction. Those wishing to see the painting in person can visit SLT’s booth at the Scarborough Farmer’s Market on Aug. 14, or stop by the SLT office.

Willcox is an active volunteer for SLT. She said “the Scarborough Land Trust is an energetic guardian of the marsh and I am pleased to support their mission.” Proceeds will be used for conservation projects and to continue current protection of Scarborough Marsh and the surrounding ecosystem. Currently, these projects include land acquisition along the Nonesuch River with the help of new Conservation Director, Scott Kunkler, and a 25-acre addition to Warren Woods.

To learn more about Sandy Willcox and to view her Maine Paintings, visit

For more information about the Scarborough Land Trust and how to become a supporter, visit or call (207) 289-1199.