Christina Mitchell and Kim Vine, both Democrats, will represent Cumberland on the SAD 51 Board of Directors after winning a five-way race for two seats.

Mitchell and Vine bested Hannah Barry, who is unenrolled, Republican Nick Dambrie and Democrat Dwight Deckelmann at the polls June 14.


Leanne Candura, who is also a Democrat, narrowly beat Republican Tim Valenti to win a three-year term to represent North Yarmouth on the SAD 51 Board of Directors by a vote of 630 to 604.

Mitchell received 720 votes and Vine received 641, while Deckelmann came in a close third with 613 votes. Barry garnered 557 votes and Dambrie had 452 in a race that saw all newcomers on the ballot.


Incumbents Kevin Desmond of North Yarmouth and Peter Bingham and Jennifer Stewart, both of Cumberland, opted not to run for reelection to the school board.

“It was a very close race between five people who all want the best for the kids in our community,” Vine said. “Whether people chose to vote for me or not, my job now is to bring all concerns to the table, and it’s my hope that people know they can trust me with whatever they need me to know.”



Vine, 51, and Mitchell, 50, both previously told The Forecaster that involving students in equity work is important since it’s really for the students and so the younger generation doesn’t make the same mistakes their predecessors did.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent North Yarmouth on our school board. I take the role and the trust voters placed in me seriously,” Candura said. “I also understand this was a close race and there are a myriad of views, approaches and ideas that deserve to be heard. I look forward to digging into the work.”

Candura, 43, told The Forecaster in a previous interview that professional development, engaging families and bringing in experts are keys to furthering the district’s equity and inclusion work.

In Cumberland, 22% of all registered voters turned out to vote, while North Yarmouth saw 35%, according to Cumberland Town Clerk Tammy O’Donnell and North Yarmouth Town Clerk Debbie Allen Grover.

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