A recent editorial commented on the many ways former Gov. LePage’s administration was one of discord (“The big question at the heart of the Mills-LePage race for governor” June 17). But the piece omitted one key area: solar policy.

As a reminder, LePage was not friendly toward solar energy, particularly net metering policies. With net metering, when a homeowner with solar panels generates more energy than they use, they receive full credit for the extra energy.

But LePage vetoed net metering bills multiple times. Issues like this set the state’s solar industry far behind the rest of New England.

I was therefore relieved when one of Gov. Mills’s first actions was to reinstate net metering. And during her time in office, the solar industry has rebounded, with a tenfold increase in electricity generated by solar panels from 2016 to 2021.

I also appreciate these policy changes personally since they’ve allowed me to buy into a community ownership-model solar farm, which wasn’t an option when LePage was in office. As a condo owner who can’t put solar panels on my roof, this is a great approach for me.

But I’m worried about what will happen if LePage is reelected, not only for solar energy but for Maine’s climate goals overall.

With the effects of climate change becoming increasingly evident, this is not the time to go backward on renewable energy. Let’s keep our progress going with Gov. Mills, a leader who knows that Maine can’t wait to make progress on the state’s climate goals.

Erica Bartlett

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