Airline flight cancellations are beyond belief frustrating, but even worse is when the results of the mess include missing graduations, weddings and important meetings. These important appointments cannot be rescheduled or postponed. In a price-gouging scam, when the flights are canceled, the airlines offer travel credits rather than refunds. In fact, the money spent to purchase the tickets should be immediately refunded, Instead, travel credits are usually given, rather than refunds. It is very difficult to get the airlines to authorize refunds. Travel credits are not transferable and are only valid for 12 months. Airlines are canceling flights and keeping the customers’ money. In my opinion, this is fraud. Regulators can act to require airlines to refund the money for canceled flights. Requiring refunds, rather than bogus, unusable and nontransferable travel credits, will get the airlines to pay attention to fixing the horrible flight cancellations chaos they have created.

Juliana L’Heureux,

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