The Cumberland County District Attorney “election” was a disgrace to the state of Maine. The appalling amount of “outside” funding and the disgusting ads were a shameful example of blatant political partisanship worthy of the Republican Party in what was supposed to be a Democratic primary.

Having been in numerous meetings with DA Jonathan Sahrbeck, I supported him for his competent and sympathetic work with under served people of Cumberland County and could not help but notice that his opponent  did not focus on his work record in her campaign but on his former party affiliation.

Mr. Sahrbeck is a decent person, who did not deserve ridicule for changing parties when he probably realized he was its last decent member. In these times should we not be applauding that change as opposed to stooping to the negative and nasty tactics of the Republicans?

The Maine Democratic Party should be ashamed as I am of them and I for one will be switching my affiliation back to unenrolled.

Lorrie Ferrari

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