What will Sen. Susan Collins do to hold accountable the justices whom she says lied to her so they could secure her approval at their confirmation hearings?

Lives will be destroyed. Raped women and girls will be forced to carry to term. Children who were raped by a relative will be forced to carry to term. Women and girls suffering an ectopic pregnancy will be forced to wait for it to rupture, threatening their lives. Women and girls pregnant with a non-viable-upon-birth fetus will be forced to carry to term. Women and girls with life-threatening complications will be forced to carry to term.

Women and girls now have no choice. Whether they live or die. When or if they will start a family. Thanks to the astounding lack of judgment Sen. Collins exhibited when approving these brazen zealots to the nation’s highest court.

Is this the America our senator swore an oath to? Is this the America our children will inherit? Is this the America that will be used as a lesson in history books about how far a democracy can fall when weak leaders acquiesce on issues so critical to the health of their constituency?

Sen. Collins secured this fate for us, in tandem with other willfully blind elected officials who have lost sight of their purpose: to serve and fulfill the needs of their citizenry. Collins failed us all, supporting justices who now deny us our fundamental human right to control our own bodies.

See you at the protest.

Kendra Allen

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