Maine’s supreme court should reject the Central Maine Power clearcut strip, which would split the state of Maine with an environmental scar the width of the New Jersey Turnpike. The citizens of Maine don’t want it, as demonstrated by the democratic referendum when the proposal was soundly rejected by the voters.

The Canadian hydro dams that create the power are an environmental and economic disaster for the people of the Canadian provinces and are highly controversial there. In Maine, we are trying to remove existing dams on our rivers, not build new ones. The electricity won’t even go to the people of Maine. We will bear the environmental destruction for Massachusetts.

New Hampshire stood up and rejected other attempts by Hydro-Quebec to scar that state with this terrible idea. Unfortunately, Maine’s environmental agencies value serving corporations ahead of Maine’s environment and the will of its citizens. We sincerely hope and trust that Maine’s supreme court and other leaders will heed the will of the voters on this and other issues.

Ed Ferreira
New Sharon

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