Admiring renovations at Kennebunk Center for Health and Rehabilitation at a recent open house were representatives of the facility and of its owner National Health Care Associates, including Marketing Director Christina Fleming, President Marvin Ostreicher, Jen Strickland of Preferred Therapy Solutions, which proves therapy at the facility, administrator in training Ashley Nichols and Diana Bunch, director of nursing at a sister facility in Bath. Tammy Wells photo

KENNEBUNK – Those who call Kennebunk Center for Health and Rehabilitation home – whether long term or a short rehab stint – are living in upgraded accommodations these days, following completion of a major renovation.

And as well as giving the building itself an upgrade, the center has installed new technology to help them keep a closer eye on patients’ well-being.

Owners and employees of the 78-bed center on Ross Road welcomed visitors to an open house on Thursday, July 21, to see the improvements.

This model room at Kennebunk Center for Health and Rehabilitation shows renovaitons like new paint, flooring, furniture and more. While rooms are typically shared, some residents who are hopsice patients prefer a single situation, staff said. Tammy Wells Photo

There is fresh paint, new flooring, new window treatments, furniture and more in the three living areas of the center, along with upgrades to the therapy room and to the common areas.

The facility was purchased by National Healthcare Associates in 2013 but has been part of the Kennebunk landscape since it was built in 1977. And while there have likely been changes over the years, the company president said it was time for renovations.

“It was tired, said National Health Care Associates president Marvin Ostreicher. “It is important residents live in a comfortable environment.”


National Health Care Associates operates eight nursing care facilities in Maine. In all, there are a total of 38 in New England and New York.

Administrator Megan Stevenson said the Kennebunk center provided skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and long-term care.

“All of the skilled rehabilitation rooms were renovated: Floors, bathrooms, new furniture, paint, window treatments, and the whirlpool room had an update with cabinetry, flooring, and tile work,” she said.

Renovations were made to the dining room and other common areas, as well as resident rooms at Kennebunk Center for Health and Rehabilitation. Here, Food Services Director Tarrie Garland and Director of Admissions and Marketing Jessica Martineau stand by trays of appetisers. The facility recently held an open house to show the community changes and upgrades made at the center. Tammy Wells Photo

The facility sports new carpeting in hallways and common areas, along with paint, wallcovering, and artwork.

The therapy gym, where Preferred Therapy provides occupational, physical and speech therapy for residents, has new flooring, more storage space, countertops, and cabinetry.

She said long-term care rooms were refreshed with new flooring, paint, and furniture.


Outside, the building sports a new cupola and weathervane, new hardscaping for the patio, and new fencing.

The price tag for the rehab cost $2 million, said Stevenson.

In 2021, the company began installing a contactless monitoring system called Circadia, that that can detect changes in breathing and heart rates early.

“…this system (can) detect changes in patients breathing patterns 2-3 days before the human eye can, which has allowed us to avoid sending patients out unnecessarily, and to treat in place,” said National Health Care Associates Chief Marketing Officer Christina Fleming.

She said every resident room in the Kennebunk facility and in all eight Maine centers the company owns has the new system, as do centers in New York and Connecticut. Centers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are expected to go online with the system in the next few months.

National Health Care Associated is also looking to install another program on the Circadia system, for fall prevention.


Residents were not available to speak about their upgraded digs, but seemed to be enjoying the day, chatting in their rooms, or relaxing.

Another area that has seen updates is the dining room, where Food Services Director Tarrie Garland and staff serve meals. “Pasta and sauce with meatballs are a favorite,” said Garland.

And she noted folks tend to socialize. “They linger over lunch,” she said.

Stevenson, the administrator, said she loves the upgrades. “We’re pleased to be able to offer this newly renovated building to the community,” she said.

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