The price of all fossil fuels, including gasoline, heating oil, natural gas and propane, has increased dramatically in the past year, and the cost of electricity has skyrocketed. Many commentators and news analysts would have you believe that the war in Ukraine is to blame, but the real villain is the fossil fuel industry. It produces more gas and oil than our country needs, and thus exports its products to countries around the globe.

Such companies can set their own prices, and do –  at your expense. ExxonMobil’s profits during the second quarter of this year were nearly $18 billion – up 273 percent from the same period one year ago.

The fossil fuel industry also bears huge responsibility for climate change. It is the emissions from their products that are driving up global temperatures. For years, their own scientists were aware of this fact but kept it secret. Meanwhile, the industry greased the pockets of elected officials and sowed disinformation to discourage federal climate legislation.

Sixty percent of Maine families heat with oil. If you are one of them and want to lower your heating bills, fight climate change and deny profits to the fossil fuel industry, then switch to heat pumps or wood pellet furnaces, purchase an electric vehicle and subscribe to one of the many clean-power options offered by solar developers. Take out a loan if you are short on funds – the savings will offset your payments.

Joe Hardy

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