I read with great interest the Aug. 2 follow-up story on the seized pets in Alfred, by Staff Writer Claire Law (“Animals from seizure now up for adoption,” Page B1). I love happy updates. The lengthy article mentioned 11 cats and 50 dogs seized, now ready for adoption at local shelters. Yet, the article was all about the dogs. What about the cats? Don’t they deserve a few lines, a picture, too?

The reason I bring this up is that it is such a typical treatment of cats. They are always ignored, as if it were easier to feel bad for abused dogs than for abused cats – as if they were second-class pets. Just look at the TV ads for the Humane Society, or the Facebook pages of veterinary clinics – 98 percent of them appear to be about dogs. What about cats?

Has Ms. Law ever spent time with cats at shelters? Has she ever brought one home? I have adopted many cats from local shelters, always falling for the overlooked ones.

Anne-Marie Thomas
Owl’s Head

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