A Maine summer is nothing like summer in the rest of the U.S. Our state’s opportunities to get outdoors, to canoe Moosehead Lake or enjoy Fielder’s Choice in Lewiston, are amazing. Mainers love the outdoors.

But our ability to enjoy the great outdoors is linked with the ability to get there, and the price of gas is much too high under Rep. Jared Golden. The cheapest gas prices are still $4 a gallon. The price of gas ate into Maine’s tourism industry this summer, since more people spent less money for the great outdoors because they needed to pay a premium to get there.

Gas prices during the beginning of summer were 60 percent higher than a year ago, according to AAA. Maine’s family businesses bear the brunt of these costs. Not only that, but Maine farmers, landscapers and any sort of business that has to drive to customers are all paying more just to get their services all over Maine. No one wants to think about winter, but winter brings a decrease in fuel efficiency for most vehicles. Maine needs relief from these high prices now.

Jared Golden voted for the rule to allow Joe Biden’s $1.6 trillion spending package, which restricts gasoline production in America. Instead of backing Joe Biden’s strangling of domestic oil production, Bruce Poliquin wants to increase U.S. oil production. Gas is just one more obstacle to Mainers growing their savings, businesses and economy. Mainers should vote for Bruce Poliquin this November.

Kim Pettengill

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