Put library expansion bond on ballot

To the editor,

I’d like to comment on the proposed library expansion, which I urge our Town Council to put on the ballot this November. There are some who want to wait and put the library expansion, school consolidation and community rec center together in a bundle. While I agree that all three projects are important for our town, the concept of bundling the cost together makes no sense.

If you’ve ever lived on a budget, you know that you don’t buy everything you need at the same time. For example, a true story: we want to convert to solar power, add a half bathroom for our growing family, and replace our windows. All three projects will benefit the value of our home and our quality of life, but it isn’t feasible within our monthly income to finance them all at once. We are prioritizing and moving forward with solar first, because it offsets other expenses and sets us up to pursue the others sooner.

On both sides of this issue, I’ve heard one unified voice that the library is an essential part of our community. It’s time to put our money where our mouth is. The library expansion is ready to start now while the other projects are not, so let’s go! If you agree or disagree, your voice will only count if we are given the opportunity to vote. Town Council members: we chose you, now please let us choose this.

Kate Kearns
Scarborough parent