Donald Trump’s toadies, sycophants and stooges, without knowing any of the details behind the Mar-a-Lago search warrant, are obediently and dutifully spouting outrage about how Trump has been victimized. Additionally, they are vilifying the FBI and the Department of Justice for acting like Nazi Germany’s “Gestapo” and tyrants. This might be amusing if it weren’t so ironic. When Trump was president, he used exactly the tactics for which GOP loudmouths are now demonizing President Biden. Fortunately for the country, Trump’s attempts to weaponize the FBI and DOJ failed, but it was not for his lack of trying.

What I find both outrageous and ignorant is former governor Paul LePage’s comment, as quoted: “This is not what America is about.” As usual, LePage has it all wrong. This is exactly what America is about, the rule of law. Granted, Trump’s GOP minions in Congress and various state governments may know that what they’re parroting makes for good sound bytes and rallies their base voters, but it exemplifies politics at its worst.

According to reports by legal experts, the process for issuing the search warrant followed very precise and carefully reviewed procedural steps and was approved by appropriate officials. The request for a warrant was based on the reasonable and reliable probability that Trump may have committed criminal activity. It is fitting that the law should be applied in such a case. No one in this republic, not even a former president, is above the law.

Warner Price

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